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  1. Haha she is gorgeous!!

    Thanks for making the video.

    I never used liquid solutions… should I?

    My therapist gives us pellets and I normally crush them and give them to my son in a spoon(it's harder to try to make my son take the pellets)


  2. Thanks Julie!
    It depends on the homeopath. Some dose dry, some dose in water. If it is hard to give the pellets, just dissolve one in a little bit of water and then have him drink it. Same thing. Just make sure he drinks the whole thing or it's not a full dose. If he can't drink it, you can use a dropper and squeeze it in. Just don't touch the pellet – use a spoon to transfer.

  3. Many times I prefer water dosing because it breaks up the dose and prevents aggravation. But it requires much more careful monitoring. Sometimes I prefer dry dose (or one dose all at once) as the person seems to need the full dose at once and it's easier to just wait a few weeks to assess the response. Hope that helps!

  4. Can someone use a 4 oz bottle that's almost full instead of a half full 8 oz bottle? I'm already using 4 oz glass bottles with droppers, which I find easier to administer with.

    Also, when sucussing can one bang it against a soft surface, like a pillow or carpet, or just shake it in the air, instead of hitting it against their palm?


  5. Yes definitely on the 4 oz. bottles – as long as there is enough room at the top to succuss.

    Yes, I have found all of these methods effective in succussions. When I am making a remedy, I use a soft covered bible. If I am out and about I just shake the bottle (so people don't look at me strange). 🙂

    In all cases, it should be brought down like a gavel so there is enough distance to give it a good shake.

    With the pillow, you would need a hard surface underneath to give it a good whack.

    Hahnemann discovered when traveling, the shaking of the bottles over rough roads were enough to increase the potency!

    Thanks for your message.

  6. Thank you for your reply! It was very helpful.

    I actually had two more questions. Can you alternate two remedies on different days? (Monday: Remedy 1, Tuesday: Remedy 2, etc.)

    Based on what I've read it's more advisable to find one remedy that covers all or most of your symptoms and just use that, but that isn't possible in all cases…

    As long as remedies aren't listed as conflicting or antidoting one another, would it be fine to use two?

    Also, how do you feel about combination remedies, where several are taken together in one dose?

  7. Yes, you can alternate remedies on different days (if they don't antidote each other or have an uncomplementary relationship) … however, I don't prefer it. I prefer to find the one remedy which is the best choice. You may not ever find one remedy to cover every single symptom or you may have someone presenting with what looks like multiple remedy pictures. I like to choose the remedy picture which seems most on top (most recent, most symptoms, etc.). The body should respond appropriately and tell you which direction you are going in. Remember, you are not treating symptoms, you are treating a person with those symptoms and the remedy is not what is curing, the person's own immune system is doing the work, prompted by the energy of the remedy. If you give one remedy and it starts the body in one direction (resonate), then the next day you give another, which one will the body choose to resonate with? Can it resonate with both at once? Hard to answer that. But you aren't giving an allopathic medicine in a this remedy for this symptom, this remedy for that one. You are hopefully giving one remedy to match the current symptom picture of the person who has such a condition. Does that make sense?
    Combo remedies – I don't use them (except cell salts) but if someone is inexperienced and can't find a single remedy, it's better than nothing. I have just seen too many cases posted on line of people wwho were given combo remedies and developed accessory symptoms. It is not always true that a remedy that does not resonate does nothing. It can complicate the case. IMHO.
    Hope that helps.

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