I have found when someone in my family or friends needs a remedy, usually two more people end up needing the same one and not because they are sharing an illness. They can be clear across the country and completely unrelated. It’s just because it seems like it’s always in threes. It’s in the air! Of course it is, it’s energy.

My family is very sensitive. We tend to share each other’s energies. When my kids get sick, I feel their symptoms. It’s hard to tell if I am sick or if it’s just them. I’ve noticed when someone calls me for help in selecting a remedy, I end up feeling their symptoms, too. For example, I’ll wake up the next day and think, ‘huh, I have this strange pain in my foot’ after helping my friend’s husband with gout the night before! I’ve learned now not to treat it as it’s not really my symptom to treat and it usually goes away as quickly as it came. I would say it is not the power of suggestion as I can talk about symptoms all day long and not experience them. It’s only when someone else is experiencing them that I do.

My nine year old daughter does the same thing. She has always been extremely sensitive. As you can imagine, it makes for difficult prescribing! The summer we began homeopathy, both she and I were on Carcinosin and we would both wake up at 4:00 a.m. with a stomachache every Saturday morning. I wasn’t sure if it was her or me or both of us!

My five year old son, on the other hand, will talk in rubrics. For example, he was recently sick with a terrible cold/flu thing and I was trying to decide which remedy to give him. Hepar Sulph was looking pretty good and I decided to ask him a few more questions.

Me: Honey, can you tell me what the pain in your ear feels like?
Kaiden: It feels like a fishbone.
Me: WHAT (thinking – how could he know what a fishbone feels like and isn’t Hepar Sulph for a sorethroat like a fishbone)?!
Kaiden: It hurts in my throat into my ear like a fishbone.
Me: OK, if you say so! Hepar Sulph it is! (And it worked perfectly.)

Another time he was under the weather and his symptoms were pointing to Sulphur but I wasn’t completely sure. I went in and asked him to close his eyes, think down deep into himself and ask his body what he needs. I said it could be one word or a story or anything. Just tell me the first thing you think of. So he does this and a few minutes later he opens his eyes and he says, “My body said Sulphur?” in the form of a question like he didn’t know what that was but that’s what the answer is. He has never had Sulphur before but sure enough, it did the trick. (Note: this is not an advisable or reliable way to select a remedy!)

Last week he was displaying some pretty clear Lachesis symptoms and I asked him to stick out his tongue and his tongue was forked in a very pronounced way. I was surprised and wondered if it was always like that but couldn’t remember it ever looking like that. I decided not to give him the remedy and wait it out a bit. The next morning he comes into my bedroom and says, “Oh mom, I forgot to tell you, the other night I had a dream that I went to my friend’s house and there was a huge snake in his room.” Huh?!

I think people know what they need intuitively and their body will do everything it can to tell us. Sometimes all you have to do is ask!