There are lots of junky illnesses going around! They’re everywhere. People coughing, kids vomiting … every day you hear someone else has it. The current illness is one that doesn’t respond well to Tylenol or Motrin. (Given the recent recall of children’s medications, it’s just as well.) It seems the fever hits the 103 mark and doesn’t want to budge.

But with careful evaluation, you can see the progression of the illness and thankfully, this is one of those illnesses that responds to a genus epidemicus. A genus epidemicus is a remedy that covers a circulating illness and may present slightly different symptoms in different people but overall, all symptoms fit one particular remedy. In this case, it’s Phosphorous. Many cases begin with a headache – it’s described as burning and throbbing and starts in the temples but can be felt all over the head. However, some start with a hoarse voice. Both then progress to a cough which hurts the throat. It sounds dry and croupy and harsh from the throat. One might describe it as a “hard” or “harsh” congestion in the throat.

Eventually, the children spike a moderately high fever up to 103 and then vomit (usually on the second day). Either with this or shortly after, there is an ear ache. Usually the person is very thirsty for cold drinks. They may have diarrhea as well.

The throat may hurt on coughing and the person may grasp the throat to try to minimize the pain. While some children will seem very tired and not want to move about, others will play even though they have a high fever.

If given early enough, Phosphorous can completely extinguish the illness. And if given at any time during the illness, it should help ease the symptoms and speed recovery. My 8 year old complained of the headache last night. I gave him 2 pellets of Phos, 30c dry and sent him to bed. He woke up this morning feeling fine!

My littlest one (age 4) woke up with it this morning. A very harsh sounding croupy cough. She said it hurt her throat to cough and she felt like her throat was “too big to breath in when coughing.”

It was a very deep, croup sounding cough.  I gave her 2 pellets dry and within 15 minutes she was perked right up. Within 30 minutes, you would never know she had woken up in such a state. Three hours later, and she’s completely well. Without homeopathy, this would have been a series of children’s medications (which may or may not have helped) and definitely a doctor or an ER visit.

I kept checking in with her to see if she was feeling OK. I asked her if she needed a redose or if she was feeling well and quite exasperated she said, “Mom, I’m fine! I’m not sick anymore and I won’t need another dose today.”

She was right. She had a wonderful time at graduation, ate pizza and cake at the party, and had a happy day that I’m sure will remain a fond memory for many years to come.

Thank you Lord and Samuel Hahnemann for homeopathy! 🙂