This morning while I was in the bathroom, my 1 year old decided to take the Palmolive dish detergent and “paint” our newly painted entrance way with it. Normally we use Seventh Generation which is clear and non-toxic but we had the bright green other stuff because it cleans Lovebugs off cars and lately we’ve been inundated with them and they’ll ruin the paint on your car if you don’t get them off.
Anyway, my poor little one’s right eye was almost completely swollen shut, fire-y red and blotchy. I spent about 15 minutes trying to rinse her eye at the kitchen sink and it just was not getting any better. So I put her in the tub and poured water over it again and again for another 15 minutes and it still was not getting better. The baby was so upset as was I!
I thought about giving her a remedy and I considered Apis Mellifica and Allium Cepa. But she had just taken remedy earlier in the week for Croup and I did not want to interfere with anything that might still be working.
I suddenly had an idea and while my 10 year old daughter watched the baby in the tub, I quickly made a 10x “remedy” by dropping 1 drop of the dish detergent into an 8 oz. glass of water. I gently stirred this and took 1 drop of this water and added it to a 16 oz. bottle of spring water after I’d emptied out about 1/4 of it. I succussed it 10x and emptied all but a tiny bit, refilled it, and then succussed it again. I did this 10 times. There was never enough of the original “soap water” to make soap bubbles and after diluting it 10 times I was confident it was safe to use as a rinse.
Being a photographer, I always have my camera nearby and I decided to take a before picture to see if it made any difference. I then poured about 1/2 of the solution over the baby’s eye and forehead. She was *not* happy! But… within about 15 seconds her eye opened and the redness went down a little…
About 8 minutes later, the eye was completely open and the redness was much better! I took her out of the tub and within 30 minutes, the eye was completely better and the baby was happy again!!! 🙂 Hooray!
Originally, I thought this was technically an isode because it was using the same substance that caused the problem. But as kind reader Patty informed me it is truly homeopathic – and the most similar. Patty pointed out 379.1 in Chronic Diseases which states it does not remain the same once it is diluted and potentised. I did not give more Palmolive but a remedy made from it. (Thanks Patty – see her comments for detail.)
Having a digital camera I was able to record the timing between pictures. Have a look-see below! 🙂 The baby is down for a nap and I’m off to go scrub flourescent green dishwashing liquid off my walls!
Picture 1 – Pre-remedy but about 30 minutes post washing the eye with water.
Picture 2 – 15 seconds after remedy wash.
Picture 3 – 8 minutes after remedy wash.
Picture 4 – 30 minutes after remedy wash.
Picture 1 – Poor baby! Before remedy but after 30 minutes of washing eye with water.

Picture 2 – hey, it’s open! (15 seconds after remedy)

Picture 3 – Wow, it’s working! Smiling! (8 minutes after remedy)

Picture 4 – All better Mommy! Hooray! (30 minutes after remedy)


Pic 1 – pre-remedy

Pic 2 – 15 seconds post-remedy

Pic 3 – 8 minutes post-remedy

Pic 4 – 30 minutes post-remedy