I was crushed when I heard of Heath Ledger’s death. And then I was even more so when I learned how he died. . . from insomnia. Well, not exactly from insomnia but the drugs he was taking to try to get some sleep. Whenever I learn of someone dying in the news I always wonder if that person’s life would have been different had they known about homeopathy.
In Heath’s case, I know the answer is yes. It was reported in the NY Times he said of his sleeping problem, “I couldn’t stop thinking. My body was exhausted, and my mind was still going.” Those with any knowledge of our homeopathic remedies would recognize right away the picture of Cocculus: people who are utterly worn out and exhausted from lack of sleep or irregular sleep from working long hours (usually at night). They are in a dreadful, vicious cycle of lying in bed at night kept awake with the stress of sleep deprivation.
Or perhaps he needed one of the other 60 remedies with the rubric, ‘sleeplessness, mind active with thoughts.’ Maybe it was Nux Vomica which would address his alleged addictions and maybe even the upper respiratory infection he was reported to be suffering from.
The point is, he could have been helped without side effects, without the possibility of an overdose of prescription drugs. I also can’t help but think, imagine the outcry if a movie star was found dead next to a bunch of bottles of herbs or other alternative medicine. It would be outrageous. But our society has become so anesthetized to the dangers of prescription drugs, it’s become an “accepted and expected” result of using prescribed medications.
For all of you out there with insomnia or stress or depression… there is a better choice. A safe choice. Homeopathy can help.