My dad has come reluctantly into homeopathy. OK, that may be an understatement, he has come kicking and screaming into it! His first remedy was for his itching eyes which had bothered him for a year and a half and his doctor could not provide an answer. One dose of Apis Mellifica, 30c and the unbareable itching went away! But he kept having to repeat the dose over time so clearly this was only ameliorating the symptoms temporarily.

His second remedy was for a toothache. He wanted to call me at 3 o’clock in the morning because the pain was so bad but waited until morning. A dose of Sulphur 200c which matched the symptoms of this particular toothache took the pain away immediately.

His third remedy was for an ache in his elbow that was so bad he couldn’t move his arm. One dose of Arnica 30c and he gave my mom the thumbs up while swinging his arm all the way around and then left to go play golf. Clearly that worked well!

So he half-heartedly agreed to constitutional treatment about a few months ago for a host of ailments and his itching eyes were the first thing to go away (following Hering’s law of cure as they were one of the most recent of his chronic symptoms). However, last week, he came down with the nasty flu/cold making the rounds. He refused to take a remedy.

When my sweet mother tried to figure out his symptoms in earnest, he was really irritable and insisted, “There is no cure for the common cold. If homeopathy could cure the common cold we would have heard about it a long time ago!” Rubric: mind, anger, irascibility (3).

So I said, “forget it Mom, let him suffer!” And suffer he did! Four days later my mom called me again. “Isn’t there something I can give him? His cough is really bad, it wakes him up around one in the morning, he’s really restless…” I was pretty sure of what the remedy was but I asked my mom several more questions which she tried to answer and then my dad yelled out in the background, “Does she have a remedy for euthanasia? I’m so sick… I think I’m going to die!”

I didn’t need to ask anymore questions as I knew the remedy was Arsenicum Album. He then yelled, “There is no cure for the common cold. A remedy isn’t going to help me.” I apologized to my mom but said, “let him suffer!”

A full week later my dad came to our home to help my brother with some remodeling work. He was very irritable and still sick! I went and got Arsenicum Album and since all I had was 30c, I put it in water, succussed it 30 times, poured almost all of it out, refilled half way, succussed 30 times and repeated this two more times. I then brought the bottle to him and said, “Here, take a sip.” He said, “What are you giving me now? This isn’t going to help my cold, I just have to wait it out.” I said, “Just shut up and drink it!” And he did.

About 20 minutes later he comes out into the kitchen laughing and joking and clearly feeling much better! I said, “It’s working isn’t it?!” And my father got a smirk on his face and said, “Well…maybe….”

He was fine the rest of the day and I sent him home with the bottle with instructions to only redose if he became worse again. My mom called me later that night and said my dad had just taken another dose because he started coughing again. As he succussed the bottle he said, “This is *really* working” in a completely incredulous voice as if he still didn’t believe it!