I did a small stint as a “calligrapher to the stars” (sort of) back when I was doing calligraphy for social and PR events. It was really fun to letter pieces I knew would be delivered to the biggest stars and socialites in America. I admit, once I became a homeopath, I’ve had a little daydream or two about becoming a homeopath to the stars. What better way to spread the word about homeopathy’s true healing abilities than through those who are most visible in the public eye. Many a product has been discovered because so-and-so uses it.

This may be why I like to hypothesize about remedies for celebrities when they have the unfortunate experience of having their woes and ailments splattered throughout the media for all to see. Or perhaps it is because when growing up, I myself dreamed of becoming a star. More likely it is because it is extremely frustrating to see anyone suffering when I know what could help them and there isn’t anything I can do about it.

And so, I was particularly intrigued by Tiger Woods’ statement today regarding his infidelities. Here’s a man who worked his entire life to become the world’s greatest golfer. And in this, he has been outrageously successful. In the process, he also was successful in building a brand – the “Tiger Woods’ brand of integrity.” Part of the reason he was so enormously successful is because he was believed to be a person of integrity, intelligent, hardworking, ethical, and private. Now we know why he was so private.

Tiger is the perfect example of how we like to build up our celebrities, make them great, feed the energy that makes them a bright and shining star. We make them feel they are better than everybody else because we treat them that way. I believe people become “stars” because so many people focus their attention and energy on them. All this energy concentrates until this person’s persona takes it on so much, it continually attracts more energy.

One of the only stars I ever saw in person was Jaleel White, the actor who played Steve Urkel on Family Matters. This was back in 1994 when I was on my honeymoon and we were in a restaurant in Bermuda. And I tell you what, oddly enough, I couldn’t help but crane my neck to look at him … more than once. Steve Urkel – me – craning my neck to see him … why? Because he was a “star.” It was an energetic draw I could not resist. I can only imagine the energy radiating from a star like Tiger Woods or Brad Pitt.

I digress. So we build this person up, we put them on a pedestal. We *demand* they be what we want them to be. We want them to be perfect. We idolize them – we treat them special because we think they are not like ordinary people. But we’re wrong – they are still just like you and me because they are human. Yes, the majority have something special about them, a unique talent, a strong skill, good looks, a certain magnetic energy. Whatever it may be, it doesn’t matter what it is that makes them famous, it only matters that they are.

Then when one of these stars trips up, or commits adultery, or does something we as a society have designated as wrong, we can’t wait to pounce and extinguish that star. So as much as this person was admired, they are now criticized and ridiculed. This person, who until this point has been honored and idolized, is suddenly cast out. They are no more “worthy” of our admiration. Alas, we find, they are human after all. Every great power (empire) must fall. Isn’t that the saying? And the American media makes sure of it.

It is especially disturbing though when someone like Tiger falls. Why? Because we thought he was the one. He was different. He appeared a person of morals, and perhaps even humble beneath the confidence. But Tiger’s speech today revealed he was anything but. He felt he “deserved to enjoy the temptations.” He felt, ‘normal rules didn’t apply.’

This is where we come to Platinum Metallicum, the remedy. This remedy is made from platinum which is considered the rarest of precious metals. Just look at the way platinum is described on its own website.
Platinum is:

  • rare, a treasure coveted by influential individuals…
  • exclusive, a statement of individuality, and desired by those in the know…
  • eternal, with everlasting radiance…
  • versatile, with remarkable qualities …

Does this sound like Tiger? Or many of the other superstars? This is the energy of platinum. But platinum, as a remedy, reveals more of its characteristics than just its looks and star power. The people requiring this remedy can feel above everyone else. They feel they are unique, and special. They also can have a very high desire for sex.

The materia medica reads, “Arrogant, proud, contemptuous, and haughty… ” looking down ” upon people…  delusions, as if everything about her/him were small; all persons physically and mentally inferior, but s/he physically large and superior. Hypersexuality. Extravagance. Ailments from sexual excesses.”

Looking at some of the rubrics for Platinum, it seems a likely fit for Tiger. Keep in mind that delusions in homeopathy can be either imaginary or real. They express a state of the mind and can be interpreted figuratively as well as literally.

mind, psychological themes, altruism;
mind, psychological themes, work, productivity, money, social status;
mind, psychological themes, sex;
mind, adulterous;
mind, thoughts, persistent sexual;
mind, ailments from business;
mind, delusions, imaginations, he is better than others;
mind, delusions, imaginations, he is a great person;
mind, delusions, imaginations, of superiority;
mind, delusions, imaginations, of wealth; (certainly not a delusion in Tiger’s case!)
mind, ailments from self-esteem, egotism;
mind, delusions, imaginations, has disgraced his family;
mind, estranged from his wife;
mind, morose, sulky (is it me or does Tiger always look like he is either sulking or about to cry);
mind, expression, appearance of suffering;
eyes, glassy appearance;
mind, ailments from mortification;
mind, shame;
mind, remorse, repentance;
mind, concerned about social position;
mind, desires to do penance;

So these rubrics exemplify some of the emotions revealed during the proving of platinum. You can see where this remedy covers Tiger’s situation extremely well, both before and after his so-called fall from grace. These are definitely not the only rubrics for the remedy which is as multifaceted as its beautiful organic state.

What would the remedy do for Tiger? Well, presumably, if truly homeopathic for him, it would ease his suffering greatly. It might help him understand himself better. It may help him get past the feelings of sexual addiction. It might help him forgive himself and help him make good on his desire to make amends and lead a more balanced life – both professionally and personally. Strangely enough, it might help him be a better golfer. Many homeopathic patients report their skills improving or a feeling of balance that allows them to excel in creative endeavors. And many do not know, the ultimate end result of healing with homeopathy is what the Buddhists refer to as enlightenment.

I have seen remedies turn people’s lives around almost immediately. Sometimes the person would report, “I don’t know why I felt that way … thought that … wanted to … but I just don’t anymore.” Homeopathy can bring healing not only on the physical level but to those ailments that are purely mental/emotional. And all without side effects or altering our brains and bodies with chemicals.

I hope some day the gentle, amazing healing of homeopathy will be a superstar itself.